I really love kpop groups especially……..BTS,TWICE,BLACKPINK, and many more..

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I Love Eating


I am a teenager who loves to cook and eat many types of foods here in our country,the PHILIPPINES.Our country has many yummy delicacies like adobo,sinigang recipes and many others.And also I love to eat sweet food like cakes,puto,bibingka,kutsinta and pasta recipes.And for your information,I am not a fat kid,I just have a balanced diet. One of my yummiest moments in my life is when i know how to cook rice in my elementary days. Then, I learned also how to cook fried food like hotdogs, chorizo, egg, dried fish, fish and fried rice. . in my highschool days, I’ve learned many food delicacies even if I am not a culinary arts student. I know how to cook and bake foods such as pinakbet, adobong manok and karneng baboy, pancakes, sweetened banana, vegetable salad, fruit salad, bibingka and other vegetable dishes. My ambition is not being a chef but being a teacher someday, isn’t it funny? If i will be successful in my life, I wanna build worldwide restaurants that have all the countries delicacies and dishes. And you know guys I love Korean and Japanese dishes like Korean bimbimbap, ramen, tempura, sushi, and seafood dishes. Macaroon is my favorite baked foods but I didn’t taste it since birth and how I wish that i can eat one of those someday.

All of these are the reasons why I love to eat because they are delicious and nutritious.